Roche Miette Rule

Moved by the beauty of the Roche Miette Mountain, representing an image of human face looking up toward God, we create, and promise to abide by, the set of spiritual principles known as the Roche Miette Rule.
1. We affirm that there is only one God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, all things that are seen and unseen - the Ultimate Reality.
2. This God, who since the beginning of the Creation sought to communicate with human beings and established numerous covenants (through Adam, Manu, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Zarathustra, Buddha, Jesus Christ, Mohammed, Nanak, Baha'u'llah, Babaji and many others), is also available to us in the silence of every human heart.
3. We believe that in Jesus Christ God gave us a glimpse into His true nature and offered the full and universal way to salvation. In the same time we also affirm that this self-gift of Love in Jesus Christ cannot be accompanied by any coercion. If we are Christians, we are Christians by our love and nothing else.
4. We affirm that every human being has a right to seek God in freedom of his/her choice and conscience. While sharing the love we feel in our hearts, we are open to other ways of expressing this love.
5. Through the Rule we do not attempt to create a new religion. We encourage people to follow the religions they were born in or acquired through their lives. 
6. We affirm though that the most important is the religion people follow in their hearts. We seek people to convert to God, who is Love, and not to convert each other.
7. As the Divine Mystery is beyond human comprehension, we avoid speculations, but rather try to move with love toward Him, who we cannot know. We love Him with all our hearts, all our minds and all our souls.
8. In the same manner we affirm the presence of God in every human being. We try to love our neighbors as ourselves, because God is present in their and our hearts. We learn to forgive and let go.
9. We practice the Presence of God in our lives. As God is a silent witness to our every thought, word and action, we practice proper thinking, speech and conduct.
In particular, we try to avoid thoughts, words and actions that may hurt other human beings. We treat everyone with dignity, compassion and loving-kindness. We avoid harming any sentient beings.
10. As silence appears to be God's first language, we practice silence so in it we can hear God's voice. We avoid unnecessary talk. We commit ourselves to have two periods of at least 20 minutes of silence every day. During these periods we pray, meditate, contemplate, repeat God's Name, or offer other forms of devotion.
11. As God is holy, we also practice holiness. In particular, we try to maintain the purity of our bodies and environments. We bathe/shower twice a day, wear only clean clothes, work or exercise, spend time with natural fire and are careful about what we eat and drink. We fast and do other forms of penance according to the traditions, in which we were raised.
12. On our way to holiness we practice Truth, Simplicity and Love. Within these broad guidelines we may choose different orders of life: celibacy, marriage, spiritual community or renunciation.
13. We are independent, self-sufficient, dutiful and entrepreneurial. We are inspired by a desire to serve others and advance in life through work. We are never idle but work to the last breath.
14. We appreciate the gift of life, company of saints and a good laugh with our friends. We admire the incredible beauty of God's Garden. We see Him in the stars above, sun and moon, birds and flowers, and meditate on Him only.
15. To express our deep gratitude for all these gifts, and admiration for the beauty around us, once a year we make this holy pilgrimage to the Roche Miette Mountain. We welcome people of all religious denominations to share with us in the joy and pleasure of this auspicious endeavor.
16. On the top of the mountain let us join in silence and awe for God and the wonderful things He has made. Let us find this "unity beyond division," God intends for us all.