Rebirthing Credentials

1982 - first seminar with Leonard Orr, Myslowice, Poland

1983 - beginning of weekly group breathing sessions in Siemianowice

1983 - Zegiestow, after trainings with Leonard Orr and other American rebirthers I received the title of Registered Rebirther; I confirmed this status through the rigorous certification process of the Polish Rebirthers’ Association in the years 1983-1989

1984 - trainings with Leonard Orr, Bonnie Nixon & Joe Moriarty (all USA)

1985 - trainings with John Paul Collard (USA), Sharda Collard (GB)

1986 - three months of daily contact with Leonard Orr during my visit to USA and trip to Germany and India; workshop in Portland (OR)

1986 - I am one of the original founders of the Polish Rebirthing Centre in Silna Nowa

1986-87 - six monthly programs for alcoholics (based on Rebirthing)

1987 - trainings with Zoli Kortbeek (Holland), Sakua (Germany), Willem Van Diest, Anneke Van Clee (Belgium)

1989 - organized Leonard Orr’s tour of Poland

1991 - leading group sessions during Leonard Orr’s seminar in Montreal

1992 - Honorary Member of the Polish Rebirthers’ Association

1997 - presentation on the therapeutic use of Rebirthing during the convention of the Canadian Psychological Association, Toronto

2002 - "Biological Experience of God Through Breathing as a Way of Fostering a New Attitude Toward Health." Spirituality & Health Care Conference, Toronto. Poster session.

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