Roche Miette Newsletter
Quarterly of the Roche Miette Association,
No. 3, January 2002.


Roche Miette Pilgrimage 2002 - Program.
Description of the Hikes.
Technical Preparation.
The Black Cat Ranch.
Questions? Comments?

Roche Miette Pilgrimage 2002 - Program.

As in the last year the Pilgrimage will take place in the third weekend of June, i.e. 21-23 of June. This time we plan it as a two days event to allow for more social interaction. We will also provide an easier variation for those who are not quite in shape for the Roche Miette. This is the program:

Friday, June 21, 2002

Afternoon - pilgrims gather at the Black Cat Guest Ranch.
7 p.m. - supper
8 -10 p.m. - introductions at the fire, technical matters, registrations, etc.

Saturday, June 22, 2002

Roche Miette Group (led by Randy and Piotr).

4 a.m. - wake-up
5 a.m. - breakfast
6 a.m. - bottom of the Mountain
11 a.m. - top of the Mountain
12 p.m. - silent, nondenominational, 20 minutes meditation (optional)
1 p.m. - beginning of the descent
4 p.m. - bottom of the Mountain
5 p.m. - meeting with the Sulphur group in Miette Hot Springs
7 p.m. - supper at the Black Cat
8 p.m. - fire, singing, tall tales.

Sulphur Skyline Group (led by Danuta, Piotr's wife).

8 a.m. - wake up
9 a.m. - breakfast
11 a.m. - Miette Hot Springs, beginning of the hike
1 p.m. - top of the mountain
3 p.m. - bottom of the mountain
3 - 6 p.m. - soaking in the Hot Springs, meeting the other group
7 p.m. - supper at the Black Cat
8 p.m. - fire, singing, etc.

Sunday, June 23, 2002

8 a.m. - meditation (optional)
9 a.m. - breakfast
10 a.m. - panel discussion (Randy, Gary, Piotr) - "The Role of Spirituality in My Life" (optional)
12 p.m. - lunch/brunch
Afternoon - going home.

Those of you who will not decide to stay at Black Cat, may arrange your own accommodation and join the hiking group of your choice at the points of start. One inexpensive option is the Brule Campground, only a few km from the Guest Ranch. The cost is $5 per unit per night. The campground has no water. To reserve a spot call Dusty Grout at (780) 865-1038.

Description of the Hikes.

Roche Miette 2316 m.

A moderate to difficult scramble via north-east face.
Elevation gain: 1425 m.
Ascent time: +/- 5 hours.
Descent time: +/- 3 hours.

"Miette was a legendary French Canadian voyager with enviable qualities for tolerating the hardships of travel, who was also known for his ability with the fiddle and as a teller of tall tales. When taunted by comrades about climbing the mountain now bearing his name, he responded to the dare by doing just that, dangling his legs over the precipe while contentedly puffing his pipe - or so the story goes. Roche is a French word meaning 'rock.'" Alan Kane, Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, p.203.

Sulphur Skyline 2070 m.

Easy hike.
Elevation gain: 700 m.
Distance: 4 km.
Ascent time: +/- 2 hours.
Descent time: +/- 1.5 hours.

"Beginning at the Miette Hot Springs pool complex, the trail climbs steadily to a low pass 2.2 km distant. Immediately upon cresting the pass, the Sulphur Skyline trail branches up and to the right, beginning an even stepper ascent into the alpine environs of this small mountain overlooking the hot springs area. The laboured breathing ends on the highest point of the ridge and expansive view spreads out below." Brian Patton, Bart Robinson, The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide, p.198.

Technical Preparation.

Please, read carefully the following notes. It is a question of your safety.

While runners are usually enough for Sulphur Skyline, having solid hiking boots is a must on Roche Miette.

There is little water on Roche Miette, so every person needs to carry at least 2-3 liters of water or other liquid.

Weather in the mountains may change abruptly. You need to be prepared and carry a rain jacket or pellerine, and some warm clothes (sweater, polar fleece, etc.). Some people find it useful to have a pair of gloves for the upper part of the hike, where there is more contact with the rock and loose gravel.

To reach Roche Miette you need to be in good shape. It typically means that you participate in some sports or exercise activities through the year. If you are not quite sure you are this kind of person, Sulphur Skyline is a safer choice.

Rocky Mountains is the bear country. Although both Roche Miette and Sulphur Skyline have little known bear activity, you may want to carry a bear spray.

Other necessities include:

You will have to sign a waiver before the trip.


Black Cat Guest Ranch offers a rustic style accommodation. There are 10 double occupancy rooms with full bathrooms reserved for our group. In each room there is one double and one twin bed. They have 2 roll-away cots that can be used to make the rooms into a triple occupancy. They offered us a very good rate for this time of the year, which is:

$45 per bed per night
$45 for the following meals (Friday dinner, Saturday packed breakfast and lunch, Sunday breakfast and lunch)
$18.50 - Saturday dinner (hearty stew, salad, buns, cake)
(prices do not include GST).
With Randy we decided to charge this time a small fee to cover some of our costs and enormous time investment in the Pilgrimage.
Organizational fee: $10 per person or $20 per family.
Overall, the full package including two nights accommodation, all the meals, the organizational fee and the taxes is $175 per person.

You are responsible for your transportation. Jasper National Park collects $10 per vehicle at the entry point. Miette Hot Springs charged $5 per person for entry to the pools last year.


To register/ reserve place, please, pay the full amount or at least deposit $50 per person (or if you don't intend to stay in Black Cat, the organizational fee) as soon as possible. Please, make checks payable to "Roche Miette Psychological Services" and mail/drop to: Roche Miette Psychological Services, 12320 - 103 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5N 0R2. Call first to make sure that there are still places available. You may also pay by Visa. Please, call Piotr at (780) 482-5353 to give him your Visa #.

Our intention is to give preference to those who attended last year. Then, we will try to attract people of interfaith and meditative backgrounds. If we still have some vacancies, we will advertise to the public. If you intend to go, please, secure place as soon as possible. We need to put a deposit for the Black Cat Ranch by the end of February, 2002.

The remaining dues are payable no later than on Friday, June 21, 2002. No refunds after June 1, 2002.

The Black Cat Ranch.

To find more information about the Black Cat Ranch, including pictures, please, visit http://www.

Questions? Comments?

If you have any questions or comments about the 2002 Roche Miette Pilgrimage, or you would like to contribute to the Roche Miette Newsletter, send Piotr an e-mail to You may call Piotr, the Spiritual Director, at (780) 482-5353 (work) or Randy, the Technical Director, at (780) 865-7229.

Feel free to forward this newsletter to anyone who may want to attend. People may subscribe for the future issues at If, on the other hand, you would like to be taken off our mailing list, please, reply to this e-mail with the word "remove" in the subject line.

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