"Energy Renewal for People with Cancer"

Piotr Rajski (Ed.)(2000). Energy Renewal for People with Cancer. CareCan Approach.
44 pages. ISBN 0-9685539-1-5.
$ 5.00.

The book offers insights into "energetical" aspects of cancer from the point of view of different wholistic domains, such as psychology, rebirthing, massage therapy, reflexology, reiki and yoga. All these domains deal with "energy" - the underlying life force. The book offers practical suggestions on how to clean, maintain and preserve one’s energy. By practicing these techniques a person may improve the odds of beating the disease. CareCan (Care standing for Complementary, Affordable, Revitalizing, Experiential and Can for Cancer) is a unique program for people with cancer offered at the Wholistic Health Care Clinic Inc. (WHCCI) in Edmonton.

This book can be ordered from the Wholistic Health Care Clinic Inc., 12320 - 103 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5N 0R2, Canada. Telephone: (780) 447-2277, Fax: (780) 447-2229. E-mail: joeltbo.msn@attcanada.net. We accept all major credit cards.

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