"Magika - The Practice of the Presence of God for People with Cancer."

Introduction to the book.

The Practice of the Presence of God for People with Cancer” deals with  spiritual and psychological problems of the terminally ill. The author  believes that cancer is a result of alienation of human beings from their own bodies, emotions, thoughts, other people, and ultimately God.

The main point of this work is that it is easier to go through the ordeal of cancer if someone has a vivid faith in God. This vividness manifests in the feeling of the Presence of God not only in the world around but also in one’s own organism. Such perception leads to the improved contact with the body and the soul. Feeling and understanding oneself a human being is in a better position to introduce appropriate changes in one’s life. This improves the odds of beating the cancer no matter of what treatment someone may choose.

In this context the book is very practical. It suggests numerous valuable and easy to master practices (such as purification techniques) that lead to better functioning. It is a book for those who are still hopeful, who are willing to take responsibility for the things that are under their control and who want to make efforts to overcome the disease.

Looking up toward the “Sovereign Physician” (as God is called by Brother Lawrence) is also very practical. Prayer, meditation, repeating of God’s Name can be very helpful in improving health or preparing peaceful transition. But to be helpful they have to be practiced.

It is important to stress that God in this book is understood from so called “interfaith” perspective. You will not find here any dogma or attempts to “convert” you from your  understanding of God. This book should be acceptable for people of any denomination. What only matters is that you are sick and that God, who is loving and merciful, wants to ease your suffering.

Last updated: 2003/01/02